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RTI and Behavior Services

Cari Creamer
RTI Coordinator/Behavior Specialist
52 Yellow Jacket Dr.
Hazlehurst, GA 31539
Phone: (912) 699-7037

Response to Interventions (RTI) is the process of aligning appropriate assessment with purposeful instruction for all students. In Georgia, Response to Intervention is based in the general education classroom where teachers routinely implement a strong and rigorous standards-based learning environment. Georgia’s RTI process includes several key components:

◾  A 4-tier delivery model designed to provide support matched to student needs through the implementation of standards-based classrooms.

◾  Evidence-based instruction as the core of classroom instruction.
◾  Evidence-based interventions utilized with increasing levels of intensity based on progress monitoring.
◾  The use of a variety of ongoing assessment data to determine which students are not meeting success academically an/or behaviorally.
◾  RTI Teams, in each school, serve as the driving force for instructional decision making in the building.

◾  Purposeful allocation of instructional resources based on student assessment data.

All students participate in general education learning. Students requiring interventions to meet individual learning expectations will receive support through a systematic and purposeful process to meet individual needs and areas of concern.