Safety Tips

◾  Since school will be taking in earlier this year, students will be at the bus stop locations earlier in the dark. Students need to stay clear of the roadway.

◾  Buses will be traveling longer during dark hours. Bus drivers need to take extra precaution in making sure all students are boarded before leaving the bus stop. 

◾  Bus drivers do not need to allow anyone on the bus but students. Parents need to be reminded they cannot board any school bus. 

◾  Student drivers need to travel directly to school and avoid joy-riding in the area of the schools, as traffic congestion is heavy. 

◾  High School students need to try to access the high school parking lot from the Yellow Jacket Drive entrance. 

◾  A reminder to students, teachers and parents to leave early enough to allow for traffic delays(heavy traffic, accidents, train traffic). 

◾  Students and teachers are reminded to lock their vehicles on campus. 

◾  Parents dropping off students need to be aware of other students walking between cars. 

◾  All drivers and passengers need to wear seat belts. (The last survey at school showed about 36% of seat belt use in school zones). 

◾  No one has access to school unless they have checked in at the office and obtained a pass.