Top 10 Rules for School Safety

1.  Always TAKE A FRIEND when walking or riding your bike to and from school. 

2.  Stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. If anyone bothers you while going to or from school, get away from that person, and TELL a trusted adult like your parents or teacher. 

3.  If someone you don't know or feel comfortable with offers you a ride, say NO. Never hitchhike, only accept a ride from someone if your parents have told you it is okay. 

4.  If someone follows you on foot, get away from him or her as quickly as you can. If someone follows you in a car, turn around and go in the other direction. 

5.  If someone tries to take you somewhere, quickly get away and yell, "This person is trying to take me away!" or "This person is not my father(mother)!" 

6.  Never leave school with someone you don't feel comfortable with or know. 

7.  If you want to change your plans after school, always CHECK FIRST with your parents. 

8.  If you go home alone after school, check to see that everything is okay before you go in. 

9.  Trust your feelings. If someone makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, get away as fast as you can and TELL a trusted adult. 

10.  ALL PARENTS need to be familiar with the sex offenders in the area! You can go to the website at: Click on LOCAL OFFENDERS, then VIEW ALL OFFENDERS.  You can view each individual that is a Registered Sex Offender, see their picture, and their current address. Have knowledge of the ones living near you and near bus stops.